Confidence in a Partner
You Can Trust

We help secure our investors’ financial well-being by investing in the highest quality sponsors and commercial real estate projects that improve local communities.

A Sophisticated Approach to Investing

Our fund strategies and investing processes, refined over 17 years, allow us to innovate, adapt and invest effectively in all market conditions. We have invested approximately $15.5 billion of middle market real estate across 600+ properties1.

When you invest with us, you are working with a commercial real estate firm dedicated to you and your portfolio. You receive the attention and decades of expertise to help you achieve your goals. A trusted partner and fiduciary is the secret to your success.

Partner with the Middle Market Experts

We focus on the middle market where the vast majority of commercial real estate activity occurs and where we see the best opportunity. Managing approximately $6.1 billion of Gross Debt and Equity AUM through a series of discretionary and non-discretionary private funds, separate accounts and strategic joint ventures, we have the resources and expertise to provide customized capital solutions for your real estate project2.

Market Intelligence That Gives You a Real Advantage

Our affiliation with Walker & Dunlop gives us access to proprietary resources and market intelligence. Combined, we see a tremendous amount of deal flow – over $150 billion in 2022 alone. This volume and Walker & Dunlop’s +$123 billion servicing portfolio give us unique insights into market movements, valuation, pricing and underwriting. The result is a partnership that provides more resources to streamline transactions and make better informed decisions.


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  • Case Study: Hotel to Multifamily Conversion in Baltimore, MD

    Read how local expertise, creative capital, and turnkey resources unlocked value in this Baltimore, MD hotel-to-multifamily conversion—in just 17 months.

    Download the case study

1 Total Transacted Debt & Equity represents the aggregate Total Capitalization (since the founding of WDIP) of all equity investments made and managed through WDIP funds and joint ventures and senior debt originated and managed (both on an advisory and non-advisory basis) through WDIP.

2Assets under management (“AUM”) represents the outstanding Total Capitalization of all equity investments made and managed through WDIP funds, co-investments and joint ventures, plus senior debt originated and managed/serviced (both on an advisory and non-advisory basis) through WDIP joint ventures and separately managed accounts as of December 2022. Total Capitalization of an investment property represents the total equity and debt on such investment property and will typically include sponsor equity, investment equity and senior GSE or third-party senior debt. Regulatory AUM (“RAUM”), as reported and updated from time to time on our ADV brochure, is currently estimated as $1.36 billion as of December 31, 2022.